Coconut oil on wooden spoon

Why I’m Still Eating Coconut Oil

A recent article in USA Today on coconut oil has created a flurry of concern when it comes to what to eat. A supposedly new report from the American Heart Association (AHA) shows that coconut oil isn’t good for you, was never good for you, and you should stop eating it immediately. This has gotten picked up […]

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crockpot shredded chicken

Use Your Crockpot To Beat The Summer Heat

It’s getting hot here in Texas And the humidity isn’t far behind. Once the humidity hits stepping outside is like walking into a sauna. With all of that heat and humidity it’s no wonder dinner time is seen as more of a chore in the summer. After all, who wants to heat up the kitchen when […]

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Reduce The Juice

How to Keep Your Family Hydrated and Healthy Do your little ones drink juice often? If so, you might want to reconsider. Especially if there’s added sugar, flavors and dyes. But even if it’s 100% real fruit juice. While juice may come from fruit, most commercial brands are processed under extreme conditions and striped of all nutritional […]

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Spirulina: A Nutrition Boosting Algae

Spirulina is often referred to as blue-green algae (although it’s really a cyanobacterium). Either way, it’s also a popular health food. And one that actually lives up to its hype. Spirulina Nutrition Commercial varieties are grown in fresh warm waters. However, spirulina traditionally grew under extreme conditions, such as in volcanic lakes. Thus, it has developed […]

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black bean brownies - delicious!

Flourless Brownies

Who doesn’t love brownies?  Oooey, chocolatey morsels of deliciousness. They’re great as a snack, as an accompaniment to a cup of tea, or even for dessert. But some people avoid brownies because they’re high in simple carbohydrates. This includes the gluten free flour versions. So what if I told you about a brownie that isn’t so […]

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The Many Health Benefits Of Collagen

The health benefits of collagen are immense, which makes sense because it’s the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen is found in: Bones Muscles Skin, hair, and nails Tendons and ligaments Cartilage Digestive tract Veins and arteries Teeth (dentin) Eyes (cornea and lens) Thus, it’s essential to maintaining optimal health. The term collagen stems from […]

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sugar health war

The War On Sugar

As consumers start to pay attention to sugar consumption and more organizations and communities begin to tax excess sugar, industry giants are trying to fight back. The most recent effort is Coca-Cola’s funding of a study that claims lack of exercise and excessive screen time is to blame for the obesity crisis.  The study further states ‘more […]

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