Fast Fun Freezer Meals

Do you dread the thought of dinner time?  Trying to figure out what to make? Again!  Truthfully there are days when I feel exactly the same way.  Even though I no longer have three kids to feed, my husband and I are so active and involved in a number of things that mealtime can often be a challenge.  Planning, shopping, cooking, cleanup, it all takes time.  But we're all looking for the same thing – simple ways to feed ourselves and our families healthy meals while juggling a hectic schedule.

I don't believe mealtime should be stressful, nor should it be something that you dread.  If you're turning to fast food, or pre-prepared choices to try and save time, often that means you're sacrificing by eating unhealthy ingredients.

After years (literally) of often scrambling for meals, trying the once-a-month-all-day-cooking-marathons, or thrown-together-whatever meals, I found an answer that works.  With a simple concept and easy-to-prepare recipes, I discovered that it is possible to prepare 20-24 servings of dinner in just 90 minutes or less.  Delicious recipes like:

  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Maple Dijon Pork Chops
  • Taco Roast
  • My Favorite Meatloaf
  • Black Bean Chili

One of the best things is that it frees up time, effort, and brainpower.

  • No more all-day-on-your-feet cooking sessions
  • Simplified meal planning
  • Cook fresh, healthy meals 
  • Only one big cleanup session (what's not to love about that?!?)

No more stress when it comes to planning, preparing, and cleaning up at mealtime – leaving more time to enjoy other activities.

  • Time with family and friends
  • Freeing up time to focus on health and exercise
  • More time to spend outdoors on activities like gardening
  • Extra time for reading, meditation, or art lessons

Even better I realized that I could teach other people how to do this too.  Then they had great meals, less stress, and more time.  People love the class; here's just a couple of testimonials:

“Mira's cooking class was awesome.  My sisters came down from College Station and we all had a great time learning cooking tricks and great new foods.  Mira taught us how to turn roughly $85 of groceries into 4 great dishes (over 24 servings) that I have been eating for a week and a half now.  The citrus chicken and London broil are my favorites!  Thanks Mira!”   
-Nick Boone

I so enjoyed Mira's Freezer Meals Program. As a professional Health and Wellness coach, the challenge I find with most clients is the lack of time to prepare consistently healthy meals. This program offers so many wonderful recipes with tips to be more efficient. It has done most of the work for you: planning. The approach to lead a class or host a group is brilliant. Kudos Mira for sharing such great advice. ”   
  -Melissa Humphries CHHC, AADP  Queen Bee Wellness


Program Information
Consumer eBook
Practitioner Program eBook
  • Instructions – from prep to freezer to cooking
  • 14 delicious, tried and true recipes
  • Each recipe can be cooked in a variety of ways (oven, stovetop, slow cooker, grill)
  • Most recipes allow for meat substitutions without any need to change the recipe
  • Flexibility, convenience, and fast prep is the word of the day
  • Printable Shopping List 
  • Menu Planner Template
  • Freezer Labels

Learn to quickly and easily prepare a week’s worth of dinners. Yes, get your meals for the week prepped in just about 90 minutes.






  • Complete Consumer Version
  •  Plus
    • Teaching Notes
    • Class Preparation
    • Planning Guide
    • Additional teaching support resources


If you’re looking for a done-for-you class that helps your clients learn how to eat real food while saving time in the kitchen, this is for you. It's great for functional doctors, nutrition professionals, WAPF chapter leaders, wellness and fitness coaches, anyone who teaches healthy eating classes. Make your investment back teaching just one class.