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Snack Healthy With Crockpot Nuts

Previously I had posted some delicious snack mix recipes for the crockpot.  And in case you're wondering, a crockpot and a slow cooker are the same thing. Crockpot is a brand name that has become a common usage term.  They're all slow cookers and in my opinion they're one of the best kitchen devices you can own. I wanted to share another great use for your crockpot, seasoned nuts. At this time of year a lot of nuts are available in the grocery store fairly inexpensively.  Making seasoned nuts is easy, tasty, and extremely versatile. Seasoned nuts even make great gifts when packaged in a cute jar with a bow or fabric top.

I love nuts as a snack.  They're high in protein and are a healthy source of fat in the diet. Nuts also have lots of micronutrients (different ones for different nuts) adding to nutrient variety in the diet (in other words don't always eat the same ones.  It's important to note that peanuts are not included here.  First of all they're not a nut, they're a legume. Second, they're not as healthy an option as true, raw nuts.   

Increase your nutrition

Soaking the nuts will help break down the enzymes that protect them from germinating too early.  Breaking down these enzymes will make the nutrients more available.  How long you soak nuts depends on what type they are.  You can use this soaking/sprouting chart that I found online as a reference.  To soak nuts I prefer to add 1 T. of an acidic medium to the soaking water, usually liquid whey left over from making homemade Greek yogurt, but in a pinch lemon juice will do.

You do need to dry the nuts after soaking before you make these recipes.  You can either use a dehydrator or cook them on low (200 F) in your oven.  When they are completely dry they are ready to eat as is or spice them up a bit.

Crock Pot Roasted Nuts

4 c. raw soaked nuts
1/2 C. melted coconut oil

Cook on low for 2-3 hours, stirring every 30 minutes, with the lid off
When done turn off the crockpot and let the mixture cool completely in the crock before jarring up

How you season them is up to you.  I have a couple of mixes that I like but feel free to go ahead and make up your own.

1 T. Penzey's taco seasoning + 1/2 t. hot sauce or 1 t. red pepper flakes

1 T. tamari sauce + 1/2 t. garlic powder + 1/4 t. sea salt

1 T. curry powder + 1/2 t. ground cinnamon

1 T. sucanat + 2 t. ground cinnamon + 1/4 t. nutmeg

2 t. vanilla + 2 t. sucanat + 1/2 t. pumpkin pie spice

More great recipes

A crockpot is one of the most versatile kitchen implements you can own (and use). The important thing is to use it. Perfect for breakfast, dinner, food prep, there are a lots of great ways to incorporate a crockpot into your food plan, saving you time, money, and cleanup in the kitchen (and who doesn't love that?).  Here are some more great recipes to get your crockpot mojo going:

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