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Doing my grocery shopping yesterday several things occurred to me.  I usually try not to pay too much attention to what other folks put in their grocery carts or how they shop.  Unless I’m there specifically to work with someone and help them learn how to shop healthier it’s not my place to be nosy about that.  However sometimes you can’t help overhearing comments, or noticing certain things.  Today was one of those days where things really stood out.

So here are those thoughts that occurred to me:

If you’re willing to pay more money for organic grapes why wouldn’t you buy organic raisins?  After all raisins are made from grapes.

Most folks don’t know this but the reason the organic vegetables are all the way on the other side of the produce area is because there are regulations that the water from the conventional produce can’t touch the organic produce.  This is to make sure that there is no cross contamination.  For those people who pick up organic produce and then change their mind when they see the price of the conventional….please don’t put the organic stuff into the conventional pile.

The labels on your produce tell you if it’s organic or not.  Organic produce has a five digit label starting with a 9.  Conventional produce has a four digit number.

Coupons are created to convince you to buy products.  Often they are highly processed, low nutritional value items.  Not always but usually.  Think about what you are buying and why.  If it’s because you have a coupon and that’s the main reason, maybe you want to reconsider.

If you or your children get hungry when you are at the grocery store don’t buy a box of crackers or chips to snack on; you’ll all just be cranky and your blood sugar will be going crazy by the time you get home.  Buy something with protein in it, this will help balance your blood sugar.  Consider string cheese, a healthy (i.e. not over-sugared) protein bar, a smoothie drink (again, choose low sugar), or some raw nuts.  Better yet don’t go to the store hungry.

Consider the bulk bins if your grocery store has them.  As an example, at my local grocery store quinoa is cheaper in bulk than in boxes.  The same is true for many other items.

And a personal observation from making dinner…why does the package of brown rice wakame noodles say 4.5 servings per package and then when you open the package at home the noodles are in three bundles.  How does that work?

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