Peas In Bloom

Pea blossom | photo: Brynn

Outside in the garden today I noticed that my peas are blooming.  I love their pretty white little flowers and, of course, love the delicious peas soon to be eaten.

Peas have a lot going for them.  While they are definitely in the starchy vegetable category they are also very high in a lot of wonderful nutrients that help our bodies in many different ways.  High in phytonutrients they are a good choice as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory vegetable.  And although they are sweet, peas are actually considered to be a low glycemic index food (anything below 55 GI is considered low, peas come in around 48) probably due in part to their level of fiber and protein.

Peas are also high in vitamin K, manganese and vitamin C.

They go into a wide variety of dishes and can be eaten raw when young or in any variety of cooked methods when they are more mature.

One family favorite way to eat them is in a dish I call Peas-y Peas and Celery.  When I was a kid I used to love it when my mom would make a dish of new potatoes and peas.  It tasted like spring to me, fresh, bright and delicious.

Of course peas also great thrown into a huge Chef's Salad or used as an appetizer or sandwich spread in Mark Bittman's Pea Dip.  There are just so many different ways to enjoy them.

However you enjoy them in very short order there are going to be lots of delicious, fresh, new peas at farmer's markets and groceries near you; perhaps even in your own garden.  Enjoy them, savor them, let me know what your favorite recipes are.

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