Yummy Lunch Wraps

Any time you see food beautifully prepared it means someone has had their fingers all over it.  Julia Child

Rice paper wraps can be a fun way to make a meal or snack.  You hydrate the wrap in a bit of water and then roll it around whatever you want for a filling.  Cool, tasty, and very satisfying.  If you keep these in your pantry you will always have the start of a delicious wrap.  I buy mine at the Asian store however many mainstream grocery stores are starting to carry them as well.
This is what hubby and I had for lunch:
Laying out all of the ingredients: (clockwise from the top):
organic baby spinach
dulse (a very yummy seaweed)
organic, preservative free turkey
sweet bell peppers
rice paper wraps
sea salt and fresh ground pepper
(realized they didn’t make it into the picture)
Assembling the wraps is a bit finicky.  You need to start by wetting the rice paper. I use a dinner plate with a little water in it to set the paper in, let it soak for ten seconds, flip it over and soak again, then use it.  It’s very sticky at this point so you need to be careful in how you handle it.
Lay out all of your ingredients in the middle of the paper giving you enough at the “top” and “bottom” to be able to fold over before you roll the sides.  I also lay out the filling just a little to one side which make the end of the roll work out better.
Add some fresh fruit and it’s a really satisfying and delicious lunch.
This was my plate (on a lunch size dish).  I decided to be honest and use this first roll so you could see they don’t always turn out perfectly.  They still taste great. 
You can fill your rice paper wrap with anything you like, hard cooked eggs, other veggies, sprouts, dressings, avocado, whatever comes to mind as a tasty combination.  

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