On My Mind Monday 6.25.12

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It’s never the same two weeks in a row.  This is a collection of what I find interesting in the world of food, nutrition and holistic health.  Read what’s on my mind.

Jumping Jacks Aren’t Enough – In this excellent article by Michele Simon, author of Appetite For Profit: How the food industry undermines our health and how to fight back, she points out that the Let’s Move campaign created by Mrs. Obama isn’t all of the story.  Yes, moving and jumping and being more physical is important for kids (and adults too).  However diet plays a huge part. Getting proper nutrition (and nutrition education) is key to helping children to understand the connection between what they eat and their health.  Sadly the purveyor’s of the worst offenders for our diet don’t want consumers, especially children who could become life-long consumers, to be well educated about their choices.  Read the article, read the book and then look again at what’s in your grocery cart.

All About Breasts – I’ve talked about breasts before, mostly in talking about breast feeding here and here, also in talking about a recently published book on nutrition and breast cancer.  Now there’s another new book that’s going to have to go on my reading list; Breasts: a natural and unnatural history by Florence Williams.  Breasts serve an important function when it comes to nourishing our babies and as a part of our hormonal health.  However because they are made largely of fatty tissue which tends to accumulate toxins, they can also be the repositories for our exposure to a toxic world.  Should be an interesting read.

Greener soda bottles? – no, not really.  Plastic is a problem, a big problem.  As I mentioned in an on my mind monday post a couple of weeks ago just because manufacturers stop using BPA doesn’t mean they aren’t using other bisphenols.  And there are all sorts of other nasties out there when it comes to plastic.  Not to mention how bad it is for the environment.  I’ve written quite a few posts about plastic, the stuff is everywhere.  It’s hard to get rid of; I’m still working on my one-step-at-a-time effort to get rid of it.  Mostly by following Beth over at My Plastic Free Life who has a new book, Plastic Free.  I’m doing better than I was a year ago but this reminds me I need to step it up again and look for more ways to remove more plastic from my life.

Kale isn’t Chikin – I am a huge fan of Bo Muller Moore and his Eat More Kale t-shirts. I asked my kids what they thought…was there any confusion between kale and chicken in their minds.  After they finally stopped laughing I explained this lawsuit to them and they were highly incredulous.  I love the fact that Bo is making the film, A Defiant Dude and am rooting for him.

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