Fresh – A Review

by ana sofia joanes

Almost every day we are learning more and more about our food. Sadly much of the time the news is not good. Headlines blare about contamination of packaged foods, the bad health effects of artificial colors or artificial sweeteners are highlighted. The media loves to play up the bad news.

Luckily for us there is a small but growing movement pushing for change regarding our food. Fresh is the latest in this genre of movies providing us with a look at what organic, sustainable agriculture can to do help promote a better impact on the environment and on our health.

Fresh is a documentary film that highlights food activists all around the country and their efforts to make a positive change. Featured in the movie are people like David Ball, who owns a chain of grocery stores in Kansas and Missouri; working with area farmers to bring local produce to the consumer. Or Will Allen, an environmental activist who is working hard to highlight the need for urban agriculture to bring good, clean, healthy food to those in the poorest neighborhoods who frequently don’t have access to them.

Providing a look at the differences between conventional agriculture and the growing movement toward sustainability this movie represents an important look at all of the different ways that a positive change, a change for health, can be made.

Watch the trailer and then check out the link below to find a screening near you.

The movie is being distributed grassroots style through small artfilm and community sponsored screenings. To find a screening near you visit the website.

I originally wrote this for a private client. They are no longer publishing their newsletter and I am now able to share this review with you.


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