On My Mind Monday 01.14.13

It’s never the same two weeks in a row.  A collection of what I find interesting in the world of food, nutrition, and holistic health.  Here’s what’s on my mind.

Diet Soda Linked To Depression – As the article mentions, this study only shows a link, not a definitive correlation.  However, sadly, what the article fails to note is that caffeine is highly linked to anxiety.  Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution talks about this connection and points out that for those who are sensitive to it, the more caffeine one consumes the higher the anxiety.

Top 10 Dining Out Trends for 2013 – I’m always interested in the idea of food trends and wonder how many of them are true.  Perhaps this year I’ll remember to go back and “check it out.”  In the meantime I am happy to see a number of things on this list as I believe they represent a positive direction.  Locally sourced foods are always a good pick in my book.  Hyper-local (meaning the restaurant itself produced them) is a fascinating concept and it will be interesting to see if this does happen.  A focus on environment and sustainability is another positive thing.  And, of course, I love the idea of kid nutrition but I’ll be watching this one as it can be tricky to do with the vast majority of children so used to a Standard American Diet.

Junk Food Sugars a Plague on Adolescent Teeth – For those who are paying attention to their diet (and to the overwhelming amounts of sugar that have become part of the modern diet) this is a no-brainer.  However getting this message out to kids is difficult.  It is, however, very important.  While dental hygiene certainly plays a part, the diet is also extremely important.  To get a good look at how much sugar is in a wide variety of foods visit SugarStacks.com.  Be prepared to be surprised.

2013, the International Year of Quinoa – apparently this high-protein pseudo-grain has hit the big time.  The challenge is that, as with many food trends (at least in America) once we learn about something we decide that if a little bit is good a lot must be better.  This is concerning for a few reasons, not the least of which is the quinoa grows best in a specific environment in the Andes mountain region.  But it has become so popular that what was once a staple food for indigenous people has now become a profitable export crop.  So popular that those who are farming it cannot afford to eat it.  Attempts are being made to grow it in the Rockies.  If successful this will reduce some of the pressure but reduce profitability for Andean farmers.  It’s a tricky question and a difficult balance.

Food Safety Rules Implemented Slowly – As with many things related to the government, the new food rules which have been put into place are there but not there.  The implementation is very slow and may not represent a significant protection for consumers until it is fully implemented.  Signed into law two years ago, starting implementation now, full implementation expected to take five years or more it’s a travesty for the consumer.  Once again this simply serves to highlight now important it is to know your farmer and to build a relationship with them.  If you are looking for a farmer near you consider signing up for FarmMatch.com.  This is a new, free, website putting consumers and their local farmers on the map so they can find each other.

I just started watching a British t.v. show called Supersizers Go…  It’s an interesting look at how people ate during different time periods in British history.  Lighthearted and somewhat silly it’s still a fascinating look at food from a different time.  The first episode focused on wartime Britain.

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