On My Mind Monday 04.15.13

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It’s never the same two weeks in a row. A collection of what I find interesting in the world of food, nutrition, and holistic health. Here’s what’s on my mind.

My cell phone is what’s on my mind at the moment.  At the end of last year I upgraded my phone and went from a simple SMS cell phone to a smart phone.  It’s been a learning experience and while I like it I have often been reminded of the classic Groucho Marx comment:  “This is so simple that a child of five could do it.”  “Quick, someone fetch me a child of five.”  However a smart phone is a useful tool and one which I’m grateful to have.  One of the biggest reasons I like it is because now I can keep a number of health and food related apps at my fingertips.

This week I decided to share a list of the apps I have which I believe would be a useful addition for anyone who has a smart phone.  There are a LOT of apps out there, these are simply the ones that I have on my phone and which I use regularly.  If anyone has others that they like I’d certainly be interested in hearing about them, please post your selections in the comments below.

Dirty Dozen – The Environmental Working Group put together a list of those foods most likely to be highly contaminated by pesticide residue.  This also comes with a list of the Clean Fifteen, those foods which do not need to be purchased organic because their pesticide contamination levels are low.

Shop No GMO – The Non-GMO Shopping Guide list from the Institute for Responsible Technology will help you find out where GMOs hide in your grocery store.  Because they are currently unlabeled this is important information to have.

Fooducate – A database of food to give you the info you need to make healthier choices.

What’s On My Food – Another great resource that identifies what could be affecting what you eat this app includes not only GMOs but also pesticides, environmental toxins, and carcinogens.

Seafood Watch – Helps you to find out if the fish you are about to buy is environmentally friendly.  If it isn’t the app offer suggestions for alternatives.

ChemCuisine – Created the the Center for Science in the Public Interest this is a miniature food additive dictionary that allows you to look up what something is and then explains the item and any potential health hazards of consuming it.

MyFitnessPal – Because studies have shown that those who journal their food are more mindful of what they are eating and do better at managing their nutritional plan, it’s helpful to have an app that supports you in doing that.  This one is easy to use and even ties in to FitBit to help monitor your activity levels and your sleep.

BuyMeAPie – I like this shopping app because it allows me to create a group of shopping lists depending on which stores I go to and what I purchase.  This even has an option to email a list to someone else who is at or going to the store for you.
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