Baking Substitutions

Baking is something that many people enjoy.  But often people are looking for substitutions to decrease the amount of fat or sugar in their baked goods without sacrificing flavor.  I have used the black beans substitution for flour in brownies with great success, they came out moist and delicious.  As a matter of fact when I served them at a gathering everyone was surprised to learn that the brownies were gluten free and were were in fact made from black beans.

I love the idea of using pureed avocado as a possible substitution for buter in chocolate cookies.  Having successfully used it in pudding I can see how the flavor melds well.  The next time I’m experimenting with a new recipe I definitely plan to try this.

It’s important to note that not all of the substitutions (such as marshmallow fluff) are healthy ones and some (like chia seeds or avocado) may actually be more expensive.  It’s important to make choices that work for you and your nutritional plan.  This is, however a good general guideline for substitutions that can be made in baking.

Healthy Recipe Substitutions: Baking


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