Texas State Fair 2013



The Texas State Fair is going on right now and my husband I decided to take some time off to go check it out.  We realized that the only “State” Fair we’ve been to is the Big E in Massachusetts.  And even though we’ve lived here for several years we’ve not yet made the journey up to Dallas during the Fair.  So the time had come to journey northwards and check out what Texas has to offer.

Like most State Fairs there’s the lights and games and noise and the crowds.  All of which adds to the general atmosphere that makes up the fair.  One of the first sights we saw entering the fair had nothing to do with food but was absolutely adorable and got us started on the right foot.  After all, if you start off smiling you’re bound to be in a better mood to enjoy the day.

IMG_2112 Is that not the most adorable kissing booth you have ever seen in your life?

The fairgrounds are quite extensive and we wandered around enjoying all of the exhibits, the fabulous music (including my new favorite band, The Killdares – a Celtic Rock bank)IMG_2120.

As we got closer to the Midway and all of the rides we passed what can only be described as fried food alley.  I confess that years ago I would have enjoyed all of the different offerings, these days it truly holds no attraction for me.  Atop the smell of fried food was the nauseating aroma of sugar from all of the cotton candy, and sugar powdered treats.

The State Fair bills itself as the Fried Food Capital of Texas and is so enamored of fried food that the program lists the Top Ten of Fried Foods that were submitted for this year.  From Fried Red Velvet Cupcakes to Fried Beer, Fried Spaghetti and Meatballs, and, my former favorite, Funnel Cake.  I jokingly posted to twitter that you know you’re in Texas when they serve Chicken Fried Bacon.



In a nod to those few of us who don’t eat fried food there were a few items on offer that were not fried.  Namely a Greek Salad and fresh fruit from the Fruiteria (aren’t those mango flower pops adorable?)

IMG_2131 IMG_2129


But of course the Fair isn’t just about food.  With craft exhibitions, classic cars, modern cars, animal exhibits, a shopping gallery and a fairway full of games there’s more to do than can be covered in one day.

Important survival tips learned while visiting the Fair?

  1. Bring healthy snacks, including protein – this may help you avoid some of the junk food temptations
  2. Bring water – staying well hydrated is so important
  3. Bring sunscreen and/or a  hat
  4. If you are going to indulge in fried treats remember it’s just that, a treat, don’t eat fried everything
  5. Wear comfortable shoes

Overall it was great fun.  I didn’t get to see and do everything that I wanted to, but there’s always another year to back and do it again.



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