Uses For Coconut

Benefits of coconut

Coconuts are a great food and a wonderful resource.  It's becoming more common in America for people to use coconut products; more than just eating the coconut meat.  Coconut milk has become a mainstream alternative to dairy for those who cannot have cows milk, the oil is used for cooking, the water as a healthy replacement for sports beverages.

In addition to the edible benefits of coconut are the other resources that it provides.  It is an extremely versatile plant with many of its parts providing a wide variety of uses.

How clean are your coconuts?

If you are going to consume coconut products it is important to be aware of whether or not your source is using coconuts grown without the use of pesticides. This is so you can avoid the toxin exposure that would come through consumption or cosmetic use of coconuts grown using these chemicals.  

Also important is to use cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil.  Coconut products not marked cold-pressed typically use a mechanical process which may additionally require the use of bleaching and deodorizing agents.

Health questions about coconuts

1.  Are coconuts a nut?  No.  Although they contain the word nut in their name coconuts are not a nut, they are a drupe. It should be safe for those with nut allergies to consume coconut products.  A drupe is the seed of a palm tree and is not botanically related to nuts or peanuts.  However, if there is an allergy it would still be prudent to test in order to verify the absence of a coconut specific allergy.

2. It's saturated, I thought saturated fats were bad for you? Coconut oil is indeed naturally saturated, however it got it's bad rap when scientists who were studying fats used hydrogenated coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a nourishing fat, high in lauric acid (also found in mother's milk) which appears to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.  2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil per day is a healthy addition to your nutritional plan.

You can learn more about this amazing seed and all of it's uses on the infographic below.

coconut uses infographic

Learn how the coconut tree provides all-around benefits — from its husks and roots to coconut oil — through our infographic “Plant of Life: An Infographic on Various Coconut Uses.” Use the embed code to share it on your website or visit our infographic page for the high-res version.

<img src="" alt="coconut uses infographic" border="0" style="max-width:100%; min-width:300px; margin: 0 auto 20px auto; display:block;"><p style="max-width:800px; min-width:300px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">Learn how the coconut tree provides all-around benefits -- from its husks and roots to coconut oil -- through our infographic "<a href="">Plant of Life: An Infographic on Various Coconut Uses</a>." Visit our infographic page for the high-res version.</p>

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