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Each month here at the Lean Clean Green Subscription box I create a theme and then curate products around that. One because it’s fun, two because it gives me the opportunity to share some great information about how to create your best, healthiest life. What I call the Ingredients For A Healthy Life.

Hydration is a theme that is near and dear to my heart. I feel that many people don’t realize how important it is to stay adequately hydrated. And while not everything in the box is drinkable, it all ties together. But before we run through the products I wanted to share a few links that I believe are helpful:

  • Staying well-hydrated is one way to help support your body when it’s hot and humid outside or if you’re exercising a lot. It’s also important in the colder months because you may not realize you are getting dehydrated. This article shares some good info plus gives you the hydration factor so you can figure out exactly how much you need to drink to stay well hydrated (hint: it’s probably not the 8 glasses you thought it was)
  • Hydration is more than just drinking water. We can also meet some of our hydration needs through the foods we eat. Check out this post to see which foods are the best when it comes to hydrating your body.
  • Sometimes you want something that’s not water but is still hydrating. A couple of my favorite choices are agua fresca and water kefir
  • And remember that if you’re looking for hydration, please don’t rely on sports drinks. They’re not as good for you as the manufacturers would have you believe.

What’s in the box?

We’ve got some fabulous products in this month’s box and I know you’re going to love them too.

But first…The disclaimer:  I’m not pulling stock photos when I share the contents of the box with you. These are my pictures taken of the products in my box. I’m learning how to take better pictures but I wanted you to know this is real life and yes, these are from my personal subscription.

Strawsome Glass Straws 

I’m a big fan of reusable straws. And there is nothing better, in my humble opinion, than having your own straw with you, especially when you are out an about. 

I’ve given you not one but two straws. You can leave one at home and take one on the road, or simply share a straw with a friend.  The only hard part about sharing may be that they don’t want to give you back your straw. Making it a perfect opportunity to go into the marketplace and order one for each of your friends so everyone has their own.  And each tempered glass straw comes with their own cleaning brush. 

Lean Clean Green Hydration Box - Sipping Vinegar

Sipping Vinegar 

These delicious vinegars from Vermont Village are just fabulous. I’ve chosen the blueberry flavor for you but you can also get them in other flavors (their Turmeric & Honey is pretty awesome too). 

Each bottle comes with raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. That means the mother is still in the bottle.  These are great as a shot, as a sipping drink, or to add to other beverages for flavor and health benefits. You can even add these delicious sipping vinegars to other dishes. I’m thinking of adding some of this blueberry to my Thanksgiving homemade cranberry sauce to give it a little blueberry lift. Of course, I’ll need to buy more because we all know it’s not going to last from now till then.


Lean Clean Green Hydration - Wine Wands

Wine Wands

Of course if you’re looking for a more adult beverage you may be thinking about wine. Part of the challenge with wine, however, is some of the ingredients.  I’m talking about the sulfites and the histamines. Those ingredients responsible for that “not so great, got a headache” feeling after you drink wine. While you can buy sulfite-free wines they’re often expensive. And they still come with histamines.  

Using a wine wand allows you to remove both the sulfites and the histamines so you can enjoy a glass without worrying about the headache.  I’m not sure how their patented process really works (I think it’s magic), but they’re winning rave reviews. 

Try it and let me know what you think.

Lean Clean Green Hydration Box - Americona Almonds

Americona Sprouted Almonds 

Of course you can’t have all that hydration with a little snack. And these are my new favorite sprouted almonds. These crunchy little gems are just amazing. 

When you sprout nuts (and seeds, legumes, and grains) you remove the phytic acid coating that interferes with nutrient absorption. The process of sprouting helps to boost the nutrition just a little bit. Sprouting also improves digestion. It’s really the best way to eat almonds.

The folks at Americona use only 100% pure olive oil plus sea salt to make a truly tasty treat for you to enjoy.

Lean Clean Green Hydration - Healthy Honey Facial Spray

Healthy Honey Facial Oil 

Okay so you can’t eat or drink this one. But it’s like a hydration drink for your face. This facial oil/spray feels so good you’re going to wonder how you managed without it.  One of the things that I love the most is the clean ingredients. After all, what we put on our skin can migrate into our bloodstream. That’s part of why using lotions and potions that contain things like artificial colors, sorbates, EDTA, and other negative ingredients is never a good idea. 

Admittedly it’s not always easy to find great personal care products, but I’m a fan of this facial oil. Filled with antioxidant rich ingredients and amazing for the skin, it’s definitely a perfect addition to your skincare routine.



When you join the Lean, Clean, Green Subscription box family you’ll get a themed box filled with holistically healthy, well-sourced products personally curated by me. Each month you pay only $47.

The September 2019 HydrationBox is worth $97.97!!

* The best part about the box is that you’re in control of how often you get it. Monthly, every other month, every three months, it’s up to you. And if you miss a box, or need a refill on any of these fabulous finds, as long as you’re a subscriber you have access to the Marketplace. That means you can log in and still get the items you want.

If you’ve just found this post and you’re not a member of the Lean Clean Green family, join us, you’ll be glad you did.

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