21-Day Nutrition Reset Program

Balance Your Metabolism • Stop Sugar Cravings • Enrich Your Nutrition

If your winter was anything like mine, it was filled with family, friends, fun… and food! Lots of food, including sugary treats, not-so-wholesome casseroles, and maybe even some festive beverages.

After all those treats, you may be feeling like you've gotten off track with your health and nutrition plan. Want to get back in the groove and reset yourself for good health, right?

Then my Nutrition Reset Program is for you!

Sign up and receive ongoing support, daily motivations, weekly challenges, group calls, meal modifications, delicious recipes, a private Facebook group for Q&A, and more!

WEEK 1: Hydrate. Feel great!

You know you haven’t been drinking enough water, dehydration can really impact your health. Plus you are eager to start a nutrient-rich food plan and you want to know how to do that. Better health is just 3 weeks away! No matter what your goals are, you will ONLY get the results you want from eating Real Food and balancing your metabolism. You will learn how to do this in Week 1.

WEEK 2: The Secret to Stopping Sugar Cravings!

You are trying to cut the sugar. But how can you stop the cravings? Sugar is an addictive substance. Some say it is harder to quit than heroin! In this call, I will share my secrets to reducing your sugar intake and how to support your body while you quit.

WEEK 3: Get Your Greens On!

You know you need to eat your veggies. And you know you need to eat more of them! In Week 3, I will offer proven tips to incorporate more vegetables into your daily diet. Plus we will discuss the benefits of juicing and green smoothies.

The Power of This Program

Three weeks of Mira! I am a nutrition educator, a popular speaker at national and local conferences, and the author of The Pantry Principle and numerous informational ebooks. I can help you reset your health commitment quickly!

Group support. Nothing assures success more powerfully than the support of others. You will learn from the questions and concerns of everyone on the weekly calls. You will be able to interact in a private Facebook group. You will make new friends who also want to eat and feel better.

Feel great. After just three weeks, your body will thank you. You will have the knowledge to eat well. You will have the recipes to prepare healthful meals. You will have the inspiration to put your goals into practice.

Nutrition Reset for just $279   

If you hire me privately for this information, my standard consultation fees would cost more than $800! And do not underestimate the value of group support. Joining others on a challenge like this increases your potential for success. Studies have shown that the support of a group can increase your results by as much as 10 times! That is priceless!

BONUS!   When you enroll you’ll also receive a Special Gift worth over $250! I’m giving you a collection of materials that some of my very wise and generous friends gifted to me to share with you. Here is a sampling of what your bonus includes: 

• Midlife Renewal for Women by Anasuya Basil
• Healthy Living Guide by Carol Lourie
• Nut-Free Granola Bars Recipe by Christine Wokowsky
• How to Make the Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle by Holly Bertone
• Hormonal Havoc: How Toxins May Be Messing with Our Hormones by Lara Adler
• Food for a Healthy Brain by Maureen Morgan
• Find Your Synergistic Skin Combination by Rachael Pontillo
• Yogurt! Add Some More Culture To Your Life by Sarica Cernohaus
• Horseradish by Tracy Bosnian
• Flowers Meditations by Veronica Anderson
  …. and more!