Jumpstart to Health

Not sure where to begin? Trying to find answers to your nutrition questions and health concerns? Want a partner to support you in reaching your health goals? This program will get you started with a full health evaluation, and a comprehensive consultation and report which includes dietary, holistic health, and supplemental suggestions to meet your bio-individual health needs.  (90 minute initial visit)

Six Week Chemical Cleanup 

Feeling run down? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Looking to make healthy changes but don’t know where to start? Let Mira help. This six week program will put you on track to eat well so you can be well, cleaning up your diet while focusing on your bio-individual health needs. The program provides a full health evaluation, functional blood work examining food sensitivities as well as a full micronutrient profile, a bio-individual nutrition plan designed specially for your body’s needs, plus a Pantry Party, and six half-hour weekly phone calls with unlimited email support.

Monthly Coaching  

Congratulations, you’ve started on your journey toward better health! If you need further support, Mira offers a coaching program with a 20 minute call each week, a review of your nutritional plan, your holistic health plan, and follow-up documentation.

Without your work, I’d be eating far more crap than I do. Without your passion, I’d have more health issues to deal with. Without your tireless posting of information, I’d buy GMO food and not know it. Thank you!!! 

– Sam N.