Envision Health Mentoring Group


Inspiration – Mindfulness – Balance

Are you taking good care of yourself? Do you know how to make yourself a priority? Even with the best of intentions, do you struggle at the end of every day, exhausted, overwhelmed, and not seeing a change in the distance?

Sadly, many of us find that we’re so busy taking care of everyone else that we’ve forgotten how to care for ourselves. Learning self-care, and how to make time for it, is essential to a healthy, happy life. Taking care of you is a habit that will benefit you, and everyone around you.

Be good to yourself. Put yourself on your to-do list.

Come be a part of a new community with Mira Dessy, author, public speaker, and holistic nutrition professional. Under Mira’s mentorship and support, you’ll explore, connect, and get to the heart of wellness and self-care. You’ll gain the tools and clarity to help you intentionally and mindfully bring good health and living life into balance.

As a member of the Envision Health Mentoring Group, you’ll have direct access to Mira like never offered before. In this private group, Mira will guide you on your journey to whole health with education, support, encouragement, and inspiration. Together you’ll explore all matters of wellness: nutrition, movement, mindfulness, the mind-body connection, as well as emotional and personal aspects of self-care.

Nothing assures success more powerfully than the support of others. In the Envision Health Mentoring Group private Facebook group you will learn from the questions and concerns of one another. You’ll meet new friends, people who, like you, are making their good health a priority. Mira will keep you focused and engaged, providing support with daily tips, fun weekly challenges, inspiring monthly missions. live monthly calls, and so much more.

Some examples of ongoing Group activities:
• Daily Inspiration and Encouragement
• Weekly Challenges: Boost Your Veggies, Move Your Body, etc.
• Weekly Mindfulness Power Word Missions
• Monthly Focus: Gratitude, Sleep, Fitness, Breakfast, Hydration, and more
• Monthly Live Group Video Calls, that include dedicated Q&A time

Be good to yourself! Envision Health!


Membership Subscription:
$12.97 monthly 
or $142.50 annual


About Mira 

Mira Dessy, NE is The Ingredient Guru – an author, speaker, Holistic Nutritionist and Real Food Advocate. She emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle through whole foods.

Using her years of experience and incorporating her passion for wellness and unique skills, Mira brings personal warmth and connects on a deeper level. Bringing a sense of fun, humor, and real-life experience she has created a program that empowers the members and inspires action.


What is the Envision Health Mentoring Group (EHMG)?
The Envision Health Mentoring Group is a global community comprised of people at every level of their own journey to good health. We gather virtually, in our private online meeting space, to be inspired by, learn from and be supported by Mira Dessy, NE. The EHMG is a private group, with monthly dues for membership.

What happens when I sign-up for membership?
After your sign-up, you will receive a welcome email with a Facebook invitation link to join the private Envision Health Mentoring Group. All of our activities will take place in or begin from within this group.   

Do I have to be on Facebook to join?
Yes, you need to have a Facebook account. EHMG conducts all activities in our membership Facebook group. Only members can see the group’s activities, posts, photos, discussion or comments.

Do members have to like cauliflower? I’m not sure I find it delicious.
No, we love cauliflower and all vegetables, but we do understand that everyone has different taste. Mira will help you find your vegetable spirit animal.

How does payment for membership work?
At the time of purchase check-out you may choose to be billed:

  A Monthly Subscription: You pay $12.97 now, and will be charged $12.97 in one month and every month following, for as long as you choose to remain a member of EHMG.

With a monthly membership, if you decide to leave the group: cancel your auto-payment prior to your next monthly billing and your membership will not renew. Before we remove you from the group (sad face), we’ll contact you to make sure your cancellation is not a technical hic-up.

  An Annual Subscription: You pay $142.50 now, and will not be charged again until your membership renewal in one year. An Annual Subscription is the best value. You’re receiving 12-months of membership at the price of just 11-months – so it’s like getting one month free. Free is nice.

With an annual membership, if you decide to leave the group: cancel your auto-payment and then let us know you’re leaving (sad face) at Mira@theingredientguru.com. If you have time left on your membership we will issue you a refund, pro-rated to the value of the whole months remaining in your subscription.

How can I make my payment?
You can pay with any major credit card or PayPal.

I see you have live monthly video calls. What happens if I miss the call?
All of our calls are via ZOOM, and are recorded and stored in our EHMG Facebook Group Library so members may listen anytime.

Does the Envision Health Mentoring Group have a start date?
We are already gathering, learning and sharing as new members are joining. Monthly calls and challenges officially launch in December. After that, EHMG is always open and bustling with activity. We are here for our members 24-7, with hardly any holiday breaks, you’re going to love it as much as your local Costco. Maybe more.

What is the secret handshake?   
Nice try! You’ll have to join us to learn the secret stuff.  

Additional questions?
Please get in touch via: mira@theingredientguru.com