Envision Health Now One Day Workshop



Focus – Clarify – Energize 

Do you know what you really want? Or do you struggle at the end of every day, exhausted, overwhelmed, and not seeing a change in the distance?

Sadly many of us find that we’re so busy taking care of everyone else that we’ve forgotten how to care for ourselves. Not only that, when asked what we want the answer is often, “I don’t know.”

Change that! Take the time to do something positive for you!

Come spend the day in a relaxed, peaceful lakeside setting with Mira Dessy, author, public speaker, and holistic nutrition professional. You’ll explore, connect, and grow into a deeper awareness of what you want and really need.  You’ll gain the tools and clarity to help you intentionally and mindfully bring balance and focus back into your life.

The Envision Health Now program focuses on you! In this guided, private, small-group intensive we’ll explore getting to the heart of wellness and self-care. During this workshop, we’ll dive into various topics including nutrition, physical well-being, the mind-body connection, as well as emotional, personal, and professional aspects of self-care.  

You will: 
• Gain clarity and identify what's really important to you
• Examine limiting beliefs that interfere with your goals
• Develop tools that will allow you to become grounded and focused 
• Explore strategies for mindfulness and letting go while learning to incorporate them into everyday life
• Create a deeper understanding of your personal vision statement

Focus, Clarify, Activate! 
Envision Your Health Now!

DATE: coming soon
NOTIFICATION LIST: email us here to receive notice when the next workshop date is set
LOCATION: Montgomery County, TX. Location and directions will be provided once you’ve paid for your session. Due to the nature of this intensive program, you must be able to be present to participate.
COST: $197


About Mira 

Using her years of experience and incorporating her passion for wellness and unique skills, Mira brings personal warmth and connects with her attendees on a deeper level. Bringing a sense of fun, humor, and real-life experience she has created a workshop that empowers the attendees and inspires action.  


How long is the Envision Your Health program?
This is a full-day Intensive with Mira. The program starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.

How do I attend?
The Envision Your Health program takes place in Montgomery County, TX. Location and directions will be provided once you've paid for your session. Due to the nature of this intensive program, you must be able to be present to participate.

Will there be lunch?
Yes. We will be serving morning tea, a delicious, nourishing lunch, and an afternoon tea. All meals are gluten free.*  If there are other food sensitivities we will do our best to accommodate that with advance notice.

Will there be alcohol?
No, this is an alcohol-free event.

Can I bring my kids?
If your child is high-school age or above and wishes to participate we encourage you to sign them up to attend. We are, however, unfortunately, unable to accommodate childcare needs. 

Is my registration/ticket refundable? 
Your ticket is transferrable but not refundable. Due to the small size of this intensive program (10 participants only), we are unable to fill seats last minute. Therefore we need to ask that you commit now. If, however, you are unable to attend, you do have the option to transfer your ticket to another person. 

*meals are prepared in a facility that is NOT certified gluten-free. If there is an issue with celiac disease or other gluten sensitive issues please be advised that we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination.