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PLM Institute
What to Eat When You’re a Girl – Healthy Eating in Adolescence



Spirituality & Health Magazine
A Diet for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
• Digestive Support for Detoxification
• Functional Foods for a Healthy Gut
• Revisiting Grandma’s Chicken Soup
• Sweet Deception – What’s in Your Chocolate?
Are You Brushing Enough?
• To Winter Detox or Not
• Understanding Food Recalls
• Bump Up Your Nutrition



The Live, Love and Eat Magazine
Getting A Good Start
The Grocery Perimeter – Is it Safe on the Outside? 






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Hawthorn University Webinars
• The Principles of Healthy Eating
• Healthy Holiday Eating


Healthy Talk with Dr. Michael Smith
How to Read Food Labels 


Gluten Free Warrior Podcast / Dr. Osborne
Are These Toxic Food Additives Derailing Your Gluten Free Diet?


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Rachel Holmes Lifestyle Show
Toxic Food Ingredients & How To Read Food Labels With Pantry Principal Author Mira Dessy