Fast Fun Freezer Meals: Practitioner Program EBook


If you’re looking for a done-for-you class to help your clients learn how to eat real food and save time in the kitchen, Fast Fun Freezer Meals is for you. Healthy nutrient-dense food and no more stress when it comes to planning, preparing, and cleaning up at mealtime.  This practitioner program packages all the tools to prepare you to teach a popular and successful class.  

After years (literally) of often scrambling for meals, trying the once-a-month-all-day-cooking-marathons, or thrown-together-whatever meals, I found an answer that works.  With a simple concept and easy-to-prepare recipes, I discovered that it is possible to prepare 20-24 servings of dinner in just 90 minutes or less.  

Even better, I realized that I could teach other people how to do this too.  Then even more people could have great meals, less stress, and more time.  







Your clients want to know how to make delicious, healthful meals in less time!  Conduct this popular class that shows them how to prepare a week’s worth of dinners in less than two hours.

This done-for-you practitioner program gives you the tools to prepare you to teach a popular and successful class: preparation and planning guides, teaching notes, and informational resources, to support all the tested recipes, prep and cooking directions and shopping lists. 

This package also includes a student-participant workbook with recipes and instructions for your students to take home with them after your class.


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